Watch Budapest (2018) Movie Online Free

Budapest Budapest (2018)


Director : Xavier Gens

Stars : Alix Poisson, Alice Belaïdi, Camille Zorel

IMDB Rating : 5.8

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 27 June 2018

Budapest :- Watch Budapest on,Two best friends stuck in boring jobs become bachelor party planners in Budapest.Hungary’s capital has long provided the atmospheric backdrop for many a hit movie. Iconic Budapest locations appear in recent releases such as “Atomic Blonde” starring Charlize Theron, and “Blade Runner 2049” featuring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. In 2018, Bradley Cooper, Jason Momoa and Arnold Schwarzenegger are among the A-list movie stars that will keep Budapest buzzing while they work on films here. Keep your eyes peeled while crossing the city, as you might run into celebrity or two in your local bar or bookshop.

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