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Bright Nights (2017)


Director: Thomas Arslan

Stars : Georg Friedrich, Tristan Göbel, Marie Leuenberger

IMDB Rating : 5.7

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 10 Aug 2017

. Bright Nights :- Watch . Bright Nights on, This is not for people who need a certain amount of action because there is none. The film is at times painfully slow with many long scenes which enhances the awkward feeling between this father and son.They had not seen each other for many years because Michael, the father, left Luis’ mother and did not try to have an ongoing contact with his son. Now that Michael’s father has died in Norway, he tries to persuade his son to come to the funeral, obviously with the plan in his mind to rescue their relationship. We soon get the picture that Michael’s relationship to his father resembles the one he has with his son.The 14-year-old Luis reluctantly agrees to the idea to spend some more days in Norway by just cruising through the countryside of northern Norway. Luis is very hostile and hardly talks which is a challenge for Michael who tries to get closer to him. Whenever he seems to make progress he looses out soon again and the abyss between them appears deeper and wider than before. During this long silent periods we watch the beautiful landscape passing by which creates a kind of trace. They constantly clash, although it becomes clear that Luis, while complaining about almost every suggestion made by Michael, never asks to return home. He feels pestered and interrogated by his suddenly caring father. He let him try and try again without giving a hint that things could become better. But the longer they get into lonesome territory the quarrel more desperately…If this sounds depressing to you I assure it is not. The film gives you plenty of time to think you own thoughts about them and the music with these extremely hypnotic sounds draws you into the story and makes you feel like you sit in this car yourself. Throughout the trip there is always something like a glimmer of hope that once the wall between them could be wrecked

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