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Brave EnoughBrave Enough (2017)


Director: Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz

Stars : Lindsey Stirling, Justine Ezarik, Cassey Ho

Genre : Documentary | Music

IMDB Rating: 8.3

Release: 17 May 2017 (Usa)

Brave Enough :- Watch Brave Enough on,A spectacular and emotional look on Lindsey’s Brave Enough tour. This is not a concert movie like Live from London, this is a documentary, but if you’re watching it for the performance, you won’t be disappointed, key songs are included.Lindsey talks about her life in great detail from the moment she got her first violin to the present fame as the movie follows the events behind the scenes. A very in-depth presentation of what she went through both in her career and personal life.However, the catch is YouTube and how it was produced: the camera work and editing is far behind Live from London, even if it was recorded sometimes while practicing, and the audio is mixed for your grandma’s notebook – it deserves way more than this.I was really interested to see this documentary. I personally am not into her music, but I have some friends that are and I was curious what she was all about.I was disappointed in the film, however. There were many times where it displayed full music performances on stage, without any dialogue. Don’t get me wrong, the performances were interesting, but I was hoping that the film could’ve used those to further the story. Simply adding in some interviews over the songs to talk about what’s going on could’ve added a lot.Early on in the film peaked my interest, however. I was fascinated to see that it was not just her skill level that gained her popularity, she had to work hard to get a producer, to get a team, to get gigs. But it so briefly touched on it that I was left with more questions. How did she find other team members? How did she get gigs? How long did it take before she got notable attention?At the end, I was left feeling pretty beaten down and depressed. The film really communicated how miserable Linsdey’s been with the tragedies she’s experienced. I was hoping the film would spend more time inspiring me about how she’s being brave enough to push through it all. But I felt at the end that life can kick you while you’re down, and you just got to deal it with. Along the way, though, you might as well make popular songs about that.


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