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Boots on the Ground (2017)


Director : Louis Melville

Stars : Ian Virgo, Tom Ainsley, Ryan McParland

IMDB Rating : 4.8

Genre : Horror

Release Date : 26 Aug 2017

Boots on the Ground :- Watch . Boots on the Ground on,So this has some fractions of Bunker movies but through the lens of .. found footage. Now that means that some shots are quite messy, because unlike many other found footage movies, this was actually shot by the actors. Well they just walked, ran and you know acted, with those things on their head.It works to a degree if you suspend disbelief. And not only to the found footage fact, but also to the supernatural element to it. What this is exactly you have to find out by watching (it is actually decent, again if you can overcome a couple of flaws) or reading about it in a spoiler review I guess. It’s draining at times and you could say irrational (though again on what scale would you judge the behavior) … still an interesting effort and idea

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