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Rates : 4

Bleed for This Bleed for This (2016)

Director: Ben Younger

Stars:  Miles Teller, Aaron Eckhart, Katey Sagal

Genre: Biography, Drama, Sport

IMDB Rating: 6.4

Release: 18 November 2016 (USA)

Bleed for This:- Watch Bleed for This on, The inspirational story of World Champion Boxer Vinny Pazienza who, after a near fatal car crash, which left him not knowing if he’d ever walk again, made one of sports most incredible comebacks.Bleed For This is the latest film from director Ben Younger (Boiler Room, Prime) that chronicles the rise, fall, rise again story of Vinnie Paz (Miles Teller), a Jersey born boxer who suffers a terrible spinal injury due to a car accident. The film co stars Aaron Eckhart and Katey Segal in two of the stand out supporting roles of the film. Despite this being a true story and being a very inspirational one, this film is about as cookie-cutter as it can get. In between bouts of cockiness and arrogance, we see Vinnie Paz the fighter up until a car accident shatters his bright future. Then we see Vinnie Paz, the man. Paz dips into slight alcoholism and depression when dealing with the recovery of his injuries. He frequents strip clubs and leaves his life as a fighter behind him until he decides he isn’t going to give up.This film has a lot going for it. It’s got a great cast of character actors, a true story of a prized fighter and some downright great drama. Despite all of this, the film suffers from a problem that no amount of editing or rewriting could fix…Miles Teller. While many will probably not know who the hell Vinnie Paz is before seeing this, I did very well and was very let down by Teller. He plays him too cocky, too sad, too vicious or too sleazy. There’s no in between and it makes the film that much harder to get through because the rest of the cast around him is giving career best performances. Aaron Eckhart is slowly creeping up on my list for Best Supporting Actor, to give you an idea of how I feel about the rest of the cast. While I will not totally write off Teller, I definitely found him to be too overbearing for the role and very unbelievable as a fighter. I wasn’t blown away like I should have been by him and that was a real letdown.

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