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Black Rose Black Rose ( 2014)


Director: Alexander Nevsky

Stars : Alexander Nevsky, Kristanna Loken, Adrian Paul

Genre : Action | Crime | Drama

IMDB Rating: 4.0

Release: 28 April 2017 (USA)

Black Rose :- Watch Black Rose on putlockerwatch.comWhat is striking is the parallel between Nevsky and Arnold Scharzenegger in his earlier performances like the original Terminator (1984). Both have a sort of stilted way of talking and their acting is a bit flat without much character, even for a Russian character. Yet Nevsky’s movie offered up some deeper humanity in a number of scenes as well as an assortment of detective lingo that was rather appealing.A seemingly increasing number of weaknesses piled up though. The lack of the follow through and use of the more than one victims’ photograph, the lack of real concern about one’s safety, especially Emily Smith, the profiler, at least at first. There are the typical use of the stereotypical illegal searches which doesn’t help a Russian-tinged movie. Somebody forgot the use of undercover disguises and a wire, not very smart. Wearing a white very visible blouse in a dark warehouse? Haven’t seen very many law enforcement officers not use their flashlight arm to support their weapon’s arm as in this movie. Anything really dumb about a girl working alone at night under the circumstances? This movie doesn’t rise to the level of Silence of the Lambs (1991) or Hannibal (2001) not as stylish or as smart. But there’s some heart in this movie and not so much jerking around as many detective movies. And there’s a pretty come back for profiler, Emily Smith and a nice bit of ending dialogue. There were glimpses that Nevsky as potential director might continue to improve and produce some quality and refreshiing movies.

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