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Black Creek (2017)


Director: James Crow

Stars : Chris O’Flyng, Leah Patrick, Michael Hill

IMDB Rating : 3.6

Genre : Horror

Release Date : 2017

. Black Creek :- Watch . Black Creek on, The filmmakers were trying, and did a fairly ok job with little money and skills. the story isn’t much, but so what? the one real bummer here is the casting agent should be tarred and feathered. the cast (with the exception of the sheriff) were abysmal.really, save your money/time and skip it. I’d give it an A if it was a first effort from a college film class. but since it’s not? it gets a D.Made this movie. It looks like it may have been a school project and morphed out. What I don’t understand is how a school would consent to a movie with kids doing in other kids under the circumstances.There wasn’t anything I particularly liked about this movie, the music was ok. I will say that in the arena of one stars, this is not the worst movie i have seen, but it was bad.I can only not imagine what kind of tripe the kids in charge of the movie will be making when thy hit adulthood.Spending three million dollars on it, U would think they would have done some serious auditioning instead of putting in their buddies and heart crushes into the acting roles.

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