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Black Cop (2017)


Director : Cory Bowles

Stars : Ronnie Rowe, Sophia Walker, Sebastien Labelle

IMDB Rating : 5.1

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 01 May 2018

Black Cop :- Watch . . Black Cop on, I don’t know how these two earlier reviewers would have considered this film is ‘powerful’ and claimed it “the best film of the year”. This film is actually a completely twisted drama to demonize a black cop who lost his anger control and did a lot harm to a society. He purposely targeted the white people in that city because he was one time or several times being treated unfairly by white cops when he was not in police uniform.The screenplay writer was also the director. The guy actually use this film to further the racial bias and hatred between the whites and the blacks. He somehow did so on purpose to show us that this society did not look what we actually saw. His Canadian Black background made him feel self-righteous to write a story about a black cop totally lost it and goofed around when he was on duty, harassed the white citizens whenever, wherever and whatever he liked, beating up the whites, letting go or turned blind eye when black people were involved, he choked a white cop from behind when he witnessed the white cop treated two black kids so unreasonably violent and, that segment was the only thing he did right yet also very wrong. But what we saw after that, all the other scenes he did to the innocent white people, young or old, doctor or student, he just randomly picked the victims, insulted them and beat them up without any probable cause, what he kept doing were just absurd and violent. This black cop was actually the split characters of the screenplay writer and director himself. But he just did a irrevocable mistake to the viewers, telling them when a black cop becomes insane, he is more dangerous than a white cop. This film also inevitably further damages the image of the black people and the black policemen. This is a terrible film, absolutely not recommended, because it’s extremely racial biased.

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