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Black ButterflyBlack Butterfly (2017)


Director : Brian Goodman

Stars : Antonio Banderas, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Piper Perabo

IMDB Rating : 6.1

Genre : Thriller

Release Date : 26 May 2017

Black Butterfly :- Watch Black Butterfly on, Black Butterfly is a mystery/thriller. You feel that there are going to be twists so you try to figure out what the outcome will be. For once I had it right even though it wasn’t necessarily obvious. My wife didn’t see it coming. The story is far from perfect but it still remains a good movie to watch. The main characters are played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Antonio Banderas and they did a good job. Their complicity is what the movie makes it interesting to follow. And even if there were a couple faults in the story, not very big ones, Black Butterfly is a good movie for people who like this genre. It could have been better but than again I saw so much bad movies lately that I’m not going to be fussy about this one. Nicely shot, with good actors, and with an okay story with the necessary twists for a movie in this genre.