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Bite Bite (2015)

Director: Chad Archibald

Stars: Elma Begovic, Annette Wozniak, Denise Yuen

Genre: Horror

IMDB Rating: 4.9

Release: 31 Aug 2015 (Uk)

Bite :-Watch Bite on, Bite is a 2015 body-horror film by Canadian writer/director Chad Archibald, produced by Black Fawn Films, and Breakthrough Entertainment about a young woman who is bitten by an waterborne insect while in Costa Rica and suffers horrifying consequences.Casey (played by Elma Begovic) returns home from her Bachelorette party in Costa Rica with a seemingly innocuous insect bite but is too preoccupied with her issues at home to take note. An over-bearing mother-in-law, and cold feet over her impending wedding are at the top of her list of concerns but the horrifying effects of the bite are the one thing she will not be able to escape from as her instincts take a turn for the murderous and her body degenerates into an insectoid form.‘’Bite’’ was released in 2015 at the Fantasia International Film Festival, Fantasy Filmfest, Film4 Fright Fest, Mile High Horror Film Festival, Sitges Film Festival, Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, Tucson Terrorfest, Night Visions Film Festival, Another Hole in the Head Film Festival, Monster Fest. Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival, and Texas Frightmare Weekend. A subtitled version was released in Madrid, Spain on June 7, 2016.The film received negative reviews from critics and holds a 36% Rating on RottenTomatoes.[1] The beginning of the film and character development in particular were criticized, with the relationships and acting being described as unconvincing and generic to the point of being parodic, while the complex themes and body-horror elements were generally viewed more favorably by critics, Brian Tallerico from called it “one of those early career horror entries in which the filmmakers don’t quite nail the set-up or the landing, but the gooey center of the film works for.
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