Watch Birds of Passage (2018) Movie Online Free

Birds of Passage (2018)


Director : Cristina Gallego, Ciro Guerra

Stars : Natalia Reyes, Carmiña Martínez, José Acosta

IMDB Rating : 7.1

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 13 feb 2019

Birds of Passage :- Watch Birds of Passage on,Spanning era of tribal trade in Colombia from coffee to cannabis, with first opulence and soon decadence in the lives of the Waayu families. Very real depiction of customs and traditions becoming squashed by greed and corruption.This film takes you to a remote and little known corner of northern Colombia and immediately immerses you in the local culture. I hope this is not a spoiler but I was left speechless by the simple fact that Spanish is not actually the language being spoken in most of the film – instead it’s the regional native dialect of the tribes-people that the film follows. Being completely foreign to Colombia, this was all new and fascinating to me. The film does a wonderful job portraying these proud people and their culture, and how

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