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Beta TestBeta Test (2016)


Director: Nicholas Gyeney

Stars : Manu Bennett, Larenz Tate, Linden Ashby

Genre : Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller

IMDB Rating: 5.5

Release: 22 July 2016 (Usa)

Beta Test :- Watch Beta Test on, I’m not the review-writer really, but after seeing this movie and the absurdly high rating it gets here on IMDb I just had to write my 50 cents worth. To sum up some things about this movie in short: Acting: Poor/lacklustre/wooden/amateuristic – Directing: There was a director on set?! – Writing: Nice try, but utter fail – Production: Cheap Guy is beta tester for a gaming company to find out he’s controlling a real person (ex-employee turned against the company). If you like this premise alone, I strongly suggest you go and watch ‘Gamer’ because in that film this concept is executed 100 times better. Gamer and ex-employee turned avatar go against company, have a couple really slow-paced unbelievable fight-scenes towards the end. Director of gaming company has a popcorn-frenzy somewhere in the last part of the film… I mean really? Someone must really thought let’s flip off our viewers and shove them some bs down their troath. Even for an Indie-movie with a low production budget this is an insult to nominal human intelligence in general, and they should have spend that money on repaving some road in Texas or something.This movie is Into The Woods bad (and that movie was really bad). There’s not a single thing that I can credit as being positive about this movie… Wel… some of the music was OK. You’ll be craving the endtitles before the first 3rd of the movie has passed!At first it looked like it will be an average level movie with a half decent plot, but moving through out the movie everything changed. From somewhat good film it became a low budged plot less porno without the porn. It was filled with plot holes, terrible writing and honestly there is no way the director/producer has actually seen any of this high school level content. I feel sorry for the actors who have tried to salvage this already sunken crapfest, but ended up devoured by this Frankenstein someone had the courtesy to call a movie. It is safe to assume tha

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