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Battle of the Drones (2017)


Director: Mitch Gould

Stars : Dominique Swain, Michael Paré, Natassia Malthe

IMDB Rating : 5.2

Genre : Action

Release Date : 2017

. Battle of the Drones :- Watch . Battle of the Drones on, The person who made that analogy has obviously not watched much of the A-Team. there is no resemblance at all. Don’t be allured by that click-bate as I was.This is an unremarkable story, as is much of the filming. About half way through I determined that I had better things to do.My score of 3 goes to the amount that I watched. The only character of interest is Alexandra Hayes played by Dominique Swain, She does a brilliant (10/10) job in a less than average story. But unfortunately does not save the movie. My score for the movie would have been 1 if it had not been for Dominique Swain’s contribution.As the story progressed it seemed to regress to that of a video game

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