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Batman Ninja (2018)


Director : Junpei Mizusaki

Stars : Kôichi Yamadera, Wataru Takagi, Rie Kugimiya

IMDB Rating : 7.0

Genre : Animation | Action

Release Date : 24 April 2018

. Batman Ninja :- Watch . Batman Ninja on,The main problem with “Batman Ninja” is the advertising. Make no mistake, this is a kids’ film, and had the trailers offered glimpses of its *ahem* ‘wackier’ moments, post-pubescent Batfans would have known to leave well alone. By the end, “Batman Ninja” closer resembles the Power Rangers than Batman.I will start with “Batman Ninja”s sole positive: its subtle combination of hand-drawn anime comic and 3D art styles is gorgeous. I’d go as far as saying this is the most painstakingly beautiful DC animation I’ve seen.The voice acting is fine, with exception to the worst casting misstep of the Joker since Suicide Squad. The actor Tony Hale portrays him with a constant, irritating manic energy that somehow makes Harley Quinn seem restrained. This was the first indication to me that Batman Ninja would be little more than Saturday morning cartoon fare.The dialogue and characterisations are surprisingly poor throughout. My biggest reservation of cross-pollinating Western and Eastern stories is the lack of true understanding from either side. And so it is in this case. Batman is a fool, unworthy of his reputation as a world-class detective. The Joker is an annoying court jester with none of the more subversive qualities we have come to expect. Catwoman is usually consistent with previous incarnations, but written without depth (as are the other supporting characters)

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