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Batman and Harley QuinnBatman and Harley Quinn ( 2017)


Director: Sam Liu

Stars : Kevin Conroy, Melissa Rauch, Loren Lester

Genre : Animation | Action | Adventure

IMDB Rating: 6.7

Release: 15 Aug 2017 (Usa)

Batman and Harley Quinn :- Watch Batman and Harley Quinn on, I had a feeling that if they were going to make a movie where “Harley Quinn” is about half of the title, she would steal the show. And I was right! Unfortunately, the show which Harley stole was not not a very good one…At first I didn’t know how to feel about this movie. I grew up on the “Batman the Animated Series” cartoons which this movie spawned from. Those cartoons always took themselves very seriously, and explored themes that were pretty dark and complex for kids shows at the time. However, that show ran in the ’90s, and it’s 2017 now, and Batman has been pretty thoroughly explored and picked apart on TV and in film since then (see The Lego Batman Movie).Maybe because of this, I think Paul Dini and Bruce Timm decided they would try a different route than what one might expect from the original cartoons: this movie DOES NOT take itself very seriously. Harley Quinn is good for that, she is making jokes and acting silly throughout. Batman and the main villains take themselves very seriously, but literally no other character in the movie does. About half of the jokes and antics are funny, and the other half fall pretty flat. Comedy was never the original series’s strength though, in fact jokes falling flat was the norm. That normally wasn’t a problem in the original series though, because the story, mystery, or character development was the focus, not the humor.In this movie though, the story is pretty generic, there is no mystery, and there aren’t very many new or interesting characters to develop. On top of that, the focus of this movie is shifted more onto the humor and to Harley Quinn’s various antics, which makes it feel, well… really CAMPY. Honestly though, many of Batman’s iterations over the years have been quite campy (RIP Adam West) so I would bet there would be many fans of Batman who would not see this as a problem.

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