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Baker ManBaker’s Man (2017)


Director: Maurice Hall, Van White

Stars : : Kj Smith, Devan Long, Taja V. Simpson

Genre : Comedy | Romance

IMDB Rating: 4.5

Release: 20 June 2017 (Usa)

Baker’s Man :- Watch Baker’s Man on, For a filmmaker, the ‘birth’ of their fist feature film is just like that of a child, but perhaps even more expensive and painful. Often shot on a shoestring budget, using crowd-funding and calling in favors, tirelessly convincing investors of your project’s worthiness as you also repeatedly convince yourself. To say it is hard is a vast understatement. That is why story, direction and casting matter so greatly; There are few if any special effects or fancy sets to distract from those critical elements which make a good film. BAKER’S MAN, the first feature film from writer/director/actor Maurice Hall has the those key elements and has made the most of a very slim budget.Hall has numerous recognizable acting credits to his name and, to be honest, is a great looking guy. In addition to that he has that ‘thing,” that intangible quality of charisma. Those assets always help. Often cast playing a ‘heavy’ or an athlete, which he was in real life, he wanted to do a completely different kind of project, a romantic comedy. Now, there are people, myself included, who want to run screaming into a burning house at the mere mention of a rom-com. All too often formulaic, not funny, predictable…I could rattle off a hundred mediocre forgettable movies. While BAKER’S MAN has many of the common elements necessary to be a romantic comedy, it has enough unique and charming elements, to have won me over. It also has good actors, genuine humor and most importantly, a strong story.At the helm of a foundation which awards grants, Hall plays Thomas Stevens a wealthy former athlete turned philanthropist. One candidate for the grant is Alyssa Stock a bakery owner, played by the irresistibly pretty, charming yet approachable Danielle Caley Anderson. Approachable is important because not one of us really believes that we could get Cameron Diaz to fall in love with us and have a relationship with her. She’s too…awesome. Dating Cameron in real life would be terrifying. Anderson is like that one girl from high school whom everyone loved, male or female. An infectious quasar of light and kindness without being a dumb-ass. Stevens travels to her bakery to assess her business and her, and because I don’t give spoilers, there is a story behind the story which includes threads about loss, legacy, racial tension, and of course, love.

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