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Bad FrankBad Frank ( 2017)


Director: Tony Germinario

Stars : Kevin Interdonato, Amanda Clayton, Tom Sizemore

Genre : Drama | Thriller

IMDB Rating: 4.9

Release: 03 July 2017 (uk)

Bad Frank :- Watch Bad Frank on,Frank Phillips referred to himself as “Bad Frank Phillips,” and so did almost everyone who knew him. Indicted by grand juries in three states, Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia, for crimes ranging from assault to ku-kluxing to murder, and convicted of minor crimes such as breach of peace and assault, Bad Frank never went to prison. Frank had several “get out of jail free” cards. He was the foster son of Colonel John Dils, the most powerful man in Pike County, Kentucky, and he had considerable personal wealth and political influence himself. Frank owned several thousand acres in Pike County and several thousand more in Buchanan County, Virginia.Bad as he was, the worst things Frank Phillips is accused of doing–murdering Jim Vance and Bill Dempsey at close range after the victims had already been gravely wounded–are simply not true. Likewise, the most interesting thing we have documentary evidence for Frank doing appears in none of the feud books. That was his attempted murder of Rebel Bill SmithIn June, 1887, Frank Phillips was appointed a deputy sheriff in Pike County by Sheriff Basil Hatfield. Basil was a first cousin once removed to Devil Anse Hatfield, and younger brother of my Great, Great Grandfather, Preacher Anse Hatfield. Born and raised on John’s Creek, about 10 miles from Pikeville, Frank had bought a house in Pikeville after being made a deputy. He lived within a block of Randolph McCoy, Perry Cline, John Dils, and J. Lee Ferguson, the leading characters in the Pike cabal that orchestrated the events of 1887-8

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