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Bad BenBad Ben ( 2016)


Director: : Nigel Bach

Stars : Nigel Bach

Genre : Horor

IMDB Rating: 7.0

Release: Feb 2016(Usa)

Bad Ben :- Watch Bad Ben on putlockerwatch.comFair warning: I’m a bit overly enamored of this “movie”. Not so much because of the movie itself but because of the interesting probable circumstances of its creation. I find THAT part utterly fascinating. And I’ll get to that part in a few momentsThis review contains spoilers and there’s no “may” about it.To begin with, I should make it clear that I don’t consider found footage flicks to be “movies” in any common, traditional sense. They simply lack too many of the features of an actual movie. They share some of the physical characteristics of a movie such as sound and moving pictures, but they have more in common with factory job training videos than they do with actual movies. In fact, I would hold that factory job training videos are closer to real movies than are found footage flicksWhich is not to say that found footage flicks can’t be fun and entertaining in their own right. Just don’t think of them as movies but as some other form of entertainment all on their own. Go for a sort of “found footage flicks are to movies what Velveeta is to cheese” outlook; just keep in mind that neither one is the real deal and try to enjoy them for what they actually areBAD BEN, as long as you don’t make the mistake of approaching it as a “movie”, actually isn’t all that bad. It has most if not all of the agreed-upon elements of a found footage flick (a bit amateurish, made- for-a-dollar, few actors (only one, as a matter of fact, in this one), and so on). And to its credit it does bring a few of its own original quirks to the milieu. Whether or not that’s a good thing is something you’ll have to decide for yourself.For the balance of this “review”, in terms of the traditional

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