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Back to Burgundy (2017)


Director: Cédric Klapisch

Stars : Pio Marmaï, Ana Girardot, François Civil

IMDB Rating : 7.4

Genre : Drama | Comedy

Release Date : 22 Feb 2018

. Back to Burgundy :- Watch . Back to Burgundy on, People who love wine will have a lot of reasons to like Cédric Klapisch’ film ‘Ce qui nou lie’ (the English title is ‘Back to Burgundy’). The landscape of Burgundy beautifully filmed during all the seasons of the year is the setting of a story whose heroes are people who not only make a living from wine, but wine is all they know and want to do, a tradition that they inherited for many generations, on properties that pass from grandfather to father to son and daughters. It’s beautifully filmed, with a lot of technical and craft details, described with respect and dedication. I love wine, so I liked very much this facet of the film. Yet, ‘Ce qui nou lie’ is more than this.Director Cédric Klapisch demonstrated in previous movies like (especially) L’auberge espagnole or Chinese Puzzle that he knows and likes to build family and relationship melodramas, with credible characters that he makes us care about. This is what he also tries to do here, but in this case he seems to gather too many intrigues that do not fit that well one with the other: we have an over-the-years brothers reunion, a father-son relation that keeps being strained over the years and even after the death of the father, a land inheritance under pressure because of the decisions of the late father and taxes and economic pressure, generation conflicts and kids at the other side of the planet, etc. Some of these are better described, other are solved by sudden and less credible script writing tricks, my overall feeling was that none was that much important and you end asking yourself what was more important – the stories or the beautiful background and the style of life of the characters.

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