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Autumn in the VineyardAutumn in the Vineyard (2016)


Director: Scott Smith

Stars: Tom Butler, Julian Christopher, Rachael Leigh Cook

Genre: Comedy | Romance

IMDB Rating: 6.8

Release: 08 Oct 2016 (Usa)

Autumn in the Vineyard :-Watch Autumn in the Vineyard on,Frankie Baldwin has had enough of her father’s company. She’s worked her way up at Baldwin Farms and expected to receive a lucrative position. Now that her father has hired another person for the job, Frankie strikes out on her own in an effort to buy her own vineyard and produce her own wines. The opportunity comes quickly enough, and before long, Frankie Baldwin is the owner of Sorrento Farms, a gorgeous stretch of land in her hometown. However, what seems like a clean purchase proves to be a muddy mess as Frankie finds herself in a vineyard battle with another man who claims that he has full rights to the property.Meanwhile, Frankie bumps into a friend at the Fall Festival, where she learns that her ex-boyfriend, Nate Deluca, is back in town to help his father run the family business after years of studying for his Ph.D. Avoiding him is not an option, since Frankie will soon learn that not only is her boyfriend back in town, but he is also the new owner of Deluca Farms, a wine vineyard that has been in direct competition with Baldwin Farms for years. Deluca is also the other man who is claiming full rights to the picturesque land on which her vineyard sits

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