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Arrow Season 5 Episode 6Arrow Season 5 Episode 6


Director: John Behring

Stars: Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Willa Holland

Genre: Action | Adventure | Crime

IMDB Rating: 8.6

Release: 30 Nov 2016 (Usa)

Arrow Season 5 Episode 6 ”So It Begins ” :- Watch Arrow Season 5 Episode 6 on,Felicity and Curtis learn that Prometheus’s victims have a mysterious link to Oliver’s past that could up-end his new team.When Prometheus ups his killing spree, Oliver searches for connections between the victims. Felicity and Curtis discover the victims have a mysterious link to Oliver’s past and this new secret could upend his new team. Meanwhile, Thea has a heart-to-heart with Lance, and Felicity considers telling Malone the truth about her work.Arrow continues to set a good track record of good episodes, especially after the amazing last episode. While this one is not as good as last week’s, it was still really good. Prometheus is officially the main focus. He goes out murdering random people to give Oliver clues that will reveal a message about the past victims of Oliver back when he was the Hood. This message splits the team up, especially Artemis. First off, this episode did a great presenting the menacing methods of Prometheus, who is one scary baddie, as if the end of last week’s episode was not enough. I am really excited about Diggle being back on the team, especially since I am not a fan of most of the recruits. The episode also did a great job of keeping Prometheus as the focus, especially since in the last few episode Tobias Church was the focus, and now that he is done, Prometheus has come. The big highlight of this episode was the Kovar scene. Kovar seems intimidating, and he is played by the excellent Dolph Lundgren. Also, another nice use of the Green Arrow’s trick arrows. Also, the twist in the end was interesting. It is obviously a red herring though. My criticisms with episodes are with the Artemis subplot. I am just done with the recruits complaining, just stop and work as a team. Also, the scene with the people panicking about Prometheus was out of nowhere and made no sense. Overall, Arrow Season 5 is on the right track

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