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Arcadia Arcadia (2016)

Director: Tom Large

Stars: Adele Keating, Gillian MacGregor, Akie Kotabe

Genre: Action |Sci-Fi | Thriller

IMDB Rating: 4.3

Release: 24 Oct 2016 (Usa)

Arcadia :-Watch Arcadia on,Science Fiction over the years has often played on the notion of the Utopian society. Of course what ordinarily results from that in itself is dystopia. Either the totalitarian regime in control loses grip and the system of control fails, or indeed the Utopian ideal is only reserved to the wealthy or pre-selected. We’ve seen it with Philip K Dick, with Orwell, and pretty much any Science Fiction writer worth his salt. On the big screen the cinematic translations of the literal (sometimes based directly from literary source material) have offered the visual as well as philosophical stimulus, whilst great Sci-Fi will also represent a telling parallel between fiction and the reality in which the film (or originally the books) were made. The best Sci-Fi will say a lot about the society in which the story was created and derived.Arcadia most certainly follows an Orwellian map. In the not too distant future the world is suffering from a disease that puts the average life expectancy at between 38 and 40. Only the select elite are allowed into the haven known as “Arcadia” where they will be cured and live until they’re well over a hundred. Charlie, who is 39, takes a job with a government agency. He’s tasked with capturing a government target known as Adam Black. A task, which if successful will mean he and his daughter will be granted entry to Arcadia. As things transpire it seems that all is not what it seems (as these things never are in Dystopian fantasy). With the help of his supervisor Jacob, who oversees the mission remotely, they begin to uncover a conspiracy that could potentially bring down the government, all the while with a terrorist organisation keen to get hold of Black.

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