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Anything (2017)


Director : Timothy McNeil

Stars : John Carroll Lynch, Matt Bomer, Maura Tierney

IMDB Rating : 6.1

Genre : Drama | Romance

Release Date : 11 May 2018

 Anything :- Watch . . Anything on, I saw this yesterday at an advanced screening. I have to say that I went in not really expecting much and came away really impressed. I woke up this morning with elements of the story still running through my mindIt was a very interesting story well told. It’s mostly a movie about LA but the opening, which take place in a small Southern town, tells us all we need to about the ‘back story’ in just a few moments with very few words. Everything centers on a character named Early, played by John Carroll Lynch. He is a man of few words and so much of the movie’s style revolves around that. However, Early is book-ended by two very different, but equally ‘outspoken’, women. In fact, sometimes both seem incapable of knowing when a bit of silence would be appropriate. However, a third woman is always in the background. We never see her but, in one of the loveliest scenes in the film, we hear her words which are simple, clear and affectionate. I think that perhaps dealing with the loud and theatrical personality of the woman with whom he is now fascinated, is more of a stretch for Early than dealing with her gender.A word about Matt Bomer: If memory serves there was something of an uproar from trans activists when he was cast in this part. I admit that I was somewhat skeptical that he could pull it off. However I have to say that Freda was a memorable


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