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Andover (2018)


Director : Scott Perlman

Stars : Jonathan Silverman, Jennifer Finnigan, Richard Kind

IMDB Rating : 5.8

Genre : Drama | Comedy | Romance

Release Date : 04 MAy 2018

 Andover :- Watch . . Andover on putlockerwatch.comAngela Kinsey, Avery Calabrese, Beth Grant, Bonnie Deutsch, Chloe Doyle, Claudia Funk, Jennifer Finnigan, Jonathan Lipnicki, Jonathan Silverman, Kerri Medders, Ling Bai, Malina Germanova, Olga Balaban, Rich Barnes, Richard Kind, Scout Taylor-Compton, Steven BauerThat’s not entirely far off from the situation Professor Adam Slope (Jonathan Silverman) finds himself in after his wife Dawn (Jennifer Finnigan) burns to death in her glass-blowing studio and he decides to use his advanced cloning research to bring her back, especially once student Emma Grady (Scout Taylor-Compton) suggests a way around the issue of it taking a couple years for a clone to grow to adulthood. The trouble with that is, even if it only takes Adam three months to raise Dawn #2 to adulthood, she feels more like his daughter than his girlfriend. Which means, starting with Dawn #3, he’s got to find various ways around the whole nature-versus-nurture thing.Perlman doesn’t exactly hide from the obvious problem of how, if he wants to explore all the ways that this plan can screw up, he’s going to need a lot of dead or abandoned Dawns; it’s right in the opening flash-forward, one of the few times that using that trick to get the viewer’s head in a certain spot is a net benefit. That’s not necessarily even a bad thing; casually bumping off characters in the service of satire or a dark-themed comedy can be a lot of fun if you commit to that tone. And there’s an argument to be made that Perlman does, that all the times a Dawn is thrown out as a failed experiment is just expressing the movie’s themes in a metaphorical, larger-than-life way (I suspect this movie will play better in France, where that sort of vicious satire is more mainstream, than it will at home) – after all, if the science is patently absurd and dictated by the needs of the plot, why not the morality?