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American Satan ( (2017)


Director: : Ash Avildsen

Stars : Andy Biersack, Booboo Stewart, Ben Bruce

IMDB Rating : 5.8

Genre : Drama | Music | Thriller

Release Date : 13 Oct 2018

American Satan:- Watch . American Satan( on,I’ve never been inclined to write a review before until I saw all the terrible and undeserved reviews others were giving this movie. Like, back off pseudo-Eberts. It’s not like this film was gunning for Oscar contention so maybe calm down with the criticism.Was the movie perfect? No, but it was still very watchable and I actually enjoyed it. As someone who has sat through some absolutely terrible movies with acting that makes me cringe in embarrassment and pity for the poor soul fumbling around on screen, I can say with certainty this is not one of those films. Unless you are going in with unreasonably high expectations, I don’t think the average viewer will be disappointed.More importantly, as a bigger fan of music than film, the soundtrack and American Satan album are stellar. Not gonna lie, if the Relentless were a real band, I’d probably be a groupie. I also can’t understand the hate around Andy Biersack not being the real voice behind the music. The director didn’t want people to think of Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides. He wanted people to connect with the character Johnny Faust. I applaud this decision and think it worked;dr…don’t trust the bad reviews this movie is totally worth the watch. Oh, and buy the soundtrack and album.

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