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American MadeAmerican Made ( 2017)


Director: Doug Liman

Stars : Tom Cruise, Sarah Wright, Domhnall Gleeson

Genre : Action | Biography | Drama

IMDB Rating: 7.6

Release: 19 Sep 2017 (Usa)

American Made :- Watch American Made on,Tom Cruise plays Barry Seal. A man who works for the CIA, as well as a man who was very sneakily smuggling drugs in and out of the USA. I thought the concept was really clever, and he managed to do it was really well thought out. The problem with this movie is it doesn’t really go into much detail of character.Let me start off by saying that Tom Cruise’s performance was spot on and it’s best performance in years. Way better than in that horrible movie “The Mummy.” Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) has kids to feed as well as pleasing his beautiful wife Lucy Seal (Sarah Wright). They are so many huge areas that could have been explored here, but instead they cut corners and just focus on the drug smuggling, and how he does it. It’s like they just said “How these people feel doesn’t matter and it’s not the focus.” But it should have been. The problem here is that Tom Cruise does not much to work on with his lines. He could have had a very emotional scene with his wife and kids or with anybody, but there’s no emotion in any of these people. That’s one of the main problems with this film, and the fact that no one had a background made it worse.All that aside, it’s Tom Cruise’s best acting job in a long time, and how he smuggles in the drugs is exceptionally clever! I always wandered how they do it…now I know the secret! See it for Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise fans will not be disappointed! 3/5 stars. Jay from the Autistic Reviewers.

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