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This Always HappensThis Always Happens (2017)


Director: Alexander Christenson

Stars : Kristen Brody, Kyle Leibovitch

IMDB Rating : 6.4

Genre : Drama | Short | Romance

Release Date : 31 Jan 2017

This Always Happens :- Watch . This Always Happens on, The character of Ray Moody in “Take Me,” played by character actor Pat Healy (in his directorial debut) is made up of equal parts blankness, desperation and fragility. He wears a thick toupee, making him look like a cable-access game-show host. He appears to not know how fake it looks. Ray Moody is an “entrepreneur.” On his wall is a collage of Polaroids showing his happy clients. Moody runs his own business called Kidnap Solutions. He is hired to abduct people and scare them out of intractable personal problems. It is Moody’s “job” to give them a fully realistic simulated experience. Produced by brother Jay and Mark Duplass, “Take Me” is not what it initially seems to be—a character study of a sad-sack creep. What it really is is a screwball comedy with a black-hearted center, an energy extremely difficult to capture and maintain, but Healy—as actor and as director—manages to do so. The beginning is a little bumpy, but once the main event starts up, the film settles into its sustained mood of horror and hilarity.

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