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Alpha and Omega 7: The Big FureezeAlpha And Omega: The Big Fureeze (2016)


Director: Tim Maltby

Stars: Kate Higgins, Ben Diskin, Debi Derryberry

Genre: Adventure | Animation | Action

IMDB Rating: 4.6

Release: 08 Nov 2016 (Uk)

Alpha And Omega: The Big Fureeze :-Watch Alpha And Omega: The Big Fureeze on,Nothing can describe how awful the alpha and omega sequels are, they’re on par with the land before time sequels honestly.I sat through this movie, watching A LOT of animation screw-ups and poor pop-culture references. We start off with the pups- like always ALONE WITHOUT THEIR PARENTS. Runt sees a blizzard and go home to their grandparents. Of course, their poorly rendered grandparents and they are told ‘Don’t go out into the blizzard’ and guess what they do. THEY GO OUT IN THE FLIPPIN’ BLIZZARD. I swear this movie follows one strict formula and re-use old enemies because they can’t be bothered to make new models. Kate and Humphrey are stuck in a bear den and the bears apparently don’t hibernate.We see King again with what’s left of his companions and tries to eat the pups. Apparently this blizzard is so bad they go as far as cannibalism. THAT IS A NICE MESSAGE TO KIDS, TOTALLY. Towards they end they re-use every trope they possibly can from the other films and much like the ‘Howlidays’ they throw in a last minute Christmas montage.There are so much wrong with this movie, the plot structure, the animation screw ups and the awful jokes. I swear, this is turning into the Land Before Time sequels, I pray to god they don’t make it to 13 sequels.

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