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All American Bikini Car WashAll American Bikini Car Wash (2015)

Director: Nimrod Zalmanowitz

Stars: Jack Cullison, Jason Lockhart, Kayla Collins

Genre: Comedy

IMDB Rating: 3.2

Release: 01 Feb 2016 (Usa)

All American Bikini Car Wash :-Watch All American Bikini Car Wash on, All-American Bikini Car Wash centers on Jack (Jack Cullison – MILF), who is pretty much failure at almost everything – he’s flunking his classes, lost his job and he can’t pay the rent to his dad, so he rents out the place to his friends to cover that cost… who are, at the moment behind on their payments. But he does have a way with the ladies… sorta. However a little light of hope has sprung into Jack’s life; one of his professors’ is giving him the opportunity to earn some extra credit by managing his car wash for a week. If he shows a profit then he passes, which should make his father happy. It sounds pretty simple until his oversexed friend Vex (Jason Lockhart – Casting Couch) and nerdy roommate Marvin (J.R. Ritcherson), convince Jack that it’d be better to turn this average car wash into a “bikini car wash” – hell they already know a bevy of bodacious babes. And getting more is just as easy, so what could possibly go wrong? Well for starters there’s the mob, who look to extract “protection money”, the girls appear to be taking things a bit “too far” and there’s that feeling of dread when Jack’s father and professor ultimately find out what he’s doing, they probably won’t be pleased with the situation.To top things off, you get a couple of side stories; for one there’s the love triangle between Marvin and Amanda (Dora Pereli) who are both madly in love with galpal Tori (Scarlet Red) and then there’s Jack situation with his female bestfriend Brittany (Ashley Park), whom the two can’t seem to catch a break when it comes time to confessing their feelings for one another. But the big questions are: will Jack pass his class, score a profit with the car wash, survive the mob and get the girl? You’ll have to watch to find out.
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