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AgonieAgonie ( 2016)


Director: : David Clay Diaz

Stars : Samuel Schneider, Alexander Srtschin, Alexandra Schmidt

Genre : Drama | Thriller

IMDB Rating: 5.8

Release: Feb 2016 (Usa)

Agonie :- Watch Agonie on,The plot summary above is provided by the director himself. While this is accurate (the events do happen in the film), it is also something of a lie by omission. Those events take up really about 5% of the plot. The vast majority focuses on two young men in Vienna, who never meet, and both have their own problems in life.On its face, the film is rather bland, and if anyone is going in expecting a genre film or a murder mystery or anything like that, they will be sorely disappointed. Its strength comes in presenting two stories that seemingly have nothing in common, and leaving it up to the audience to find a connection. Some critics have seen links between the two men, though the links are rather forced.Others say there is a subtle commentary on class. One of the men is apparently well-off, or at least not struggling, and is well-educated, studying law abroad. (He says he is studying “the philosophy of law”.) The other man seems more working class, rough around the edges, always smoking and coming up with offensive rap songs about how much he dislikes women. But this second man can afford to work out at the gym and pursue an interest in mixed martial arts, so his perceived lower class may not be accurate. (His father is also a government employee, so the family as a whole is probably doing fine.)The film even touches on two disparate approaches to sexuality. The young man who seems to be more well-off and proper is actually only interested in women when he can be a little sadistic to them – some light choking, duct tape. Nothing too awful, but what happens when the mundane gets boring for him? The other man, who has an intense dislike for his ex-girlfriend, may actually be harboring a hidden homosexuality. When a male friend makes an overt pass at him, he freaks out… but not without hinting his interest. If these feelings are suppressed, one can imagine the frustration turning violent.

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