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Adult WorldAdult World (2013)


Director: Scott Coffey

Stars: Emma Roberts, Evan Peters, John Cusack

Genre: Comedy | Drama

IMDB Rating: 5.6

Release: 14 Feb 2014 (Usa)

Adult World :-Watch Adult World on, I actually did enjoy this movie, and surprisingly enjoyed Emma Roberts. Usually watching her is like grinding teeth but I think quirky, all knowledge lost to them characters fits her quite well, with a dose of subpar so that she’s not so over the top you want jump out your seat and kick the TV on a whim. It was no secret to me that her and Evan Peters were dating so it was interesting to watch the movie that brought them together, so there was some chemistry but as for the actual characters, they never really gave you any kinda of idea to grasp of why he liked her. She was whiny, lost to her surroundings and especially to the real world, all of her foot steps were motivated by self gain and had no real depth to her. For a guy that seemed so down to earth and open spirited, I didn’t get the connection. She said she could feel everything but the problem is everything she hasn’t felt being trapped in her little bland bubble. Most artists think you find the most depth in life through experiencing the agony and horrors in life. She was too busy ‘trying’ to be a poet and never really opened up her eyes to the life around her or let loose enough to be drifted off into the unknown. That being said about her, i still didn’t hate her. I sympathized with her. We all have those struggles in life and a lot of times passion for things that aren’t meant for us. It was the journey through that defeat and realization of other possibilities once one door closes, a sorta rebirth, i was holding on for. As the story progressed i could see the opportunities for character development but by the end of the movie i didn’t really feel satisfied with what they thought they accomplished. Maybe because the biggest things that would have made for that development, just happened and then she was OK, instead of really showing that process of her understanding it and coming through the other side and how they affected her growth as a human. She was finally told in the harshest truth that she was no good, and she cried and then was OK. But what about coming to an idea of what that means to her and where she fits in the world, or maybe showing her working harder for it by really going out into the world or something..
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