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According to Her (2017)


Director: : Estelle Artus

Stars : Irina Abraham, Pascal Yen-Pfister, Eloise Eonnet

IMDB Rating : 7.0

Genre : Comedy | Drama

Release Date : 19 March 2018

. According to Her :- Watch . According to Her on,Don’t get fooled by the poster, this film is as much for a male audience than for a female one. According To Her is a sharply-written, touching and beautifully directed film. Estelle Artus weaves an atmosphere of apparent tranquility, of music and dinners with friends and casual conversations among French expatriates in New York (not a funny bunch!), but the surface is scratched by emotional outbursts, which cause the characters to discover their true natures. It is all done with hypnotic visual beauty and ends up being quite moving.y.Just before reaching the pinnacle of fame and freshly arrived in New York from Russia, Veronica happily gives up her career as a pianist to raise her son. Despite constant pressures from her husband Paul, a French stockbroker, she retreats into an indefinite hiatus from performing while fully enjoying her role as a mother. But without a salary or an independent work identity, Veronica’s dependency on Paul grows and a sense of personal dislocation sets in. The question of going back on stage arises more painfully when she meets Amanda, an alluring, promising, and younger pianist from Paris, who soon falls for Paul.

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