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A Day (2017)


Director: : Sun-ho Cho

Stars : Myung-min Kim, Yo-han Byeon, Hye-Sun Shin

IMDB Rating : 5.9

Genre : Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Release Date :15 June 2017

. A Day :- Watch . A Day on, Famous humanitarian doctor Jun-young (Kim Myung-min) often misses the birthday of his daughter Eun-jung (Jo Eun-hyung), but on May 17, he’s flying home to Seoul just in time for it. On his way from the airport, he stops to help at an accident involving a taxi, but then sees another victim of the accident – none other than Eun-jung. And then he wakes up again in the plane heading home on May 17….After several repeated days, he is confronted by ambulance driver Min-chul (Byun Yo-han), who is also repeating May 17 over and over, and who also has lost someone in the accident. They team up to try to figure out how they can stop the day from repeating in an endless loop, and how they can save their loved ones…. The audience knows about the deaths about 10 minutes into this film, so that’s not a spoiler. Instead, the film focuses on how the main characters react to their losses, how they try to prevent them and how they change as people in the process. It’s *quite* bloody, so if you’re squeamish, this may not be the film for you; but it’s beautifully filmed and has a really big heart. Quite emotional and at the same time full of moral dimensions, “A Day” is simply a gem.

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