Watch A Crooked Somebody (2017) Movie Online Free

A Crooked Somebody A Crooked Somebody (2017)


Director : Trevor White

Stars Ed Harris, Michael Mosley, Amanda Crew

IMDB Rating : 4.6

Genre : Thriller | Drama

Release Date : 5 Oct 2018

A Crooked Somebody :- Watch A Crooked Somebody on,An attention-seeking psychic is kidnapped and tries to use the situation to boost his popularity. I have no idea why Ed Harris is listed first here on IMDb but his role is so forgettable that makes this movie even worse i mean he was hardly in this movie and just makes fun of good people’s money and that’s absurd as a whole. The acting was also nothing special and the storyline was even worse as well also and nothing really good to say about it i mean this film wasted such a good actor in the face of Harris who was used only as a promotional product for this movie.

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