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A Better Tomorrow 2018 (2018)


Director: : Ding Sheng

Stars : Kai Wang, Tianyu Ma, Darren Wang

IMDB Rating : 5.4

Genre : Drama | Action | Crime

Release Date : 19 Jan 2018

. A Better Tomorrow 2018 :– Watch . A Better Tomorrow 2018 on, What made me feel uncomfortable again about this Chinese movie was the ridiculous script about putting the Chinese police force to carry out missions on foreign soil. We know that the Chinese communist government has something similar to American’s FBI and DEA, issuing some kinda “Red Warrant” to catch some Chinese criminals abroad and bring them back to China. But such warrant has not sanctioned or legalized by almost every foreign governments, so it’d carry out under the radar of the foreign authorities.But what we saw at the very beginning in this film was not what it should be or shouldn’t be. A bunch of Chinese plain-cloth detectives, most of them were too young to be convinced easily qualified as detectives, they openly used firepower trying to catch some dubious Chinese criminals in an European city, looked more like in Italy since all the roofs were red-clay tiles.Then when the camera lens shifted, we saw the Chinese smugglers trying to do business in Japan. We saw a very bad Taiwanese actor acting like an annoying clown, a sidekick to a cool Chinese veteran smuggler.At that moment, the usual formulaic Chinese movie production had become so obvious, readily kicked in again: The Chinese screenplays, no matter what, doing good or doing bad, got to be in foreign countries, on foreign soil. Well, I’m just so tired of this kinda unrealistic phony Chinese movies.

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