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911 Nightmare911 Nightmare ( 2016)


Director: Craig Moss

Stars : Fiona Gubelmann, John Lee Ames, Scott Bailey

Genre : Thriller

IMDB Rating: 5.7

Release: 10 Jan 2017 (uk)

911 Nightmare :- Watch 911 Nightmare on, I love bad lifetime movies, but man this movie was just awful, and not in an it’s so bad, it’s good way. The main character is beyond irritating and totally unlikable. She’s a terrible cop who gets injured in the line of duty, and then becomes a terrible 911 operator who ignores a kid calling for help, which results in him being murdered. The rest of the movie is spent feeling sorry for herself, drinking, impersonating a cop, breaking into people’s houses, and waving her gun at people until she somehow solves the crime. And at the end is rewarded as a hero despite basically spending the entire movie being incompetent and committing felonies. Don’t watch this movie, do something less painful, like eating glass.

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