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6 Days6 Days ( 2017)


Director: Toa Fraser

Stars : Abbie Cornish, Mark Strong, Jamie Bell

Genre : Action | Drama | History

IMDB Rating: 6.1

Release: 18 Aug 2017 (Usa)

6 Days :- Watch 6 Days on,  6 Days is the story of the Teerorist takeover of the Iranian embassy in London on April 30, 1980. Then prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, newly appointed has the difficult decision of whether or not to storm the Embassy to rescue the 26 hostages.The story revolves around a team of SAS members and a negotiator, played by (Mark Strong) and news coverage of the event played by Edie Cornish. Both terrific actors IMO.I would have liked to see a bit more action and tension given the circumstances of the takeover and the air of politics at the time given the rise in terrorist events around the globe as well as the Hostage situation of 52 Americans in Iran. I do believe, however, the film portrays the event honestly and with a string degree of accuracy.The film is not a fast paced thriller nor was it intended to be. It was, as mentioned, an honest depiction of what happened during those harrowing six days and how well the planning and execution of the SAS team handled the rescue of 24 of the 26 Hostages. The two hostages that were killed happened before the raid happened.A very well acted and worthwhile film that does not overdo or Glorify this terrible event and illustrates excellent military type tactics still used today in similar situations.

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