Watch 500: The Impact of the Reformation Today (2017) Movie Online Free

500 The Impact of the Reformation Today500: The Impact of the Reformation Today (2017)


Director: Dale Ward

Stars : Brad James, James Miller, Sandy Miller

IMDB Rating : 7.1

Genre : Documentary

Release Date : 18 July 2017

500: The Impact of the Reformation Today :- Watch . 500: The Impact of the Reformation Today on,Since 2002, Cinema St Louis has held the St Louis Filmmakers Showcase, a way for movies made by locals or with very strong local ties to be shown to the wider public. A huge number of fascinating features have been given exposure in this way and joining the wide variety (narrative features, experimental shorts and local documentaries) comes 500: THE IMPACT OF THE REFORMATION TODAY, made by the local Concordia Seminary, one of the world’s premier locations for Lutheran studies and teaching.It’s the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses, which I can say without fear of hyperbole is one of the most important single events in world history. Host Sandy Miller, a news anchor for Fox 2 here in St Louis, introduces the documentary and guides us through it, giving us an extremely large amount of information presented in a surprisingly informal and interesting way. She’s great, too, a natural TV host.Allow me to explain a little of what the documentary brings you. The Catholic Church considered the only important religious work to be that done for the Church, whereas Luther (quite reasonably) suggested that if you wanted to glorify God, you could do so by just being the best person you could possibly be – if you were a breadmaker, be the best breadmaker possible, don’t overcharge people, use healthy ingredients, and so on. While this seems self-explanatory to us, in the 15th century daring to say that a priest was no better than a breadmaker was tantamount to heresy, and the fallout from Luther’s proclamations is the main thrust of the film.It goes through, methodically, the main threads of Reformation thought and how they echo down to the present. Lutherans suggested that boys and girls should be educated (girls!), inspired the Calvinists, and talked about how marriage could be holy – in pre-Reformation Europe, apparently, celibacy was a serious drain on the birthrate. It talks about how the Reformation inspired both religious art and allowed the first flowering of secular art, and introduced me to the wonderful and slightly strange world of the spurting blood school of paintings (showing Jesus on the cross, but his blood spurting out to cover his followers. It’s pretty interesting).

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