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3 Hours till Dead3 Hours till Dead ( 2016)


Director: Jason Mills

Stars : Chris Walters, Brooke Walker, Al Dales

Genre : Horror

IMDB Rating: 5.1

Release: 2016 (Usa)

3 Hours till Dead :- Watch 3 Hours till Dead on,  This is by far one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen. Every aspect of this movie is pure garbage. From the absolutely laughable plot, to the worst acting you could possibly imagine. Every character in the movie is pure trash. I can’t believe these people consider themselves actors. The main character is supposed to be a marine but the way he reacts to situations proves that the writers didn’t even care about that fact. I am astounded by how awful this entire movie is. Every decision the key characters make is stupid plain and simple. the acting is absolutely horrific. Please do not give these people your money. I hope everyone involved with this sh*t show never works in the industry again. I feel disrespected by how awful this piece of trash is. There aren’t enough negative words in the English language to describe this piece of garbage.whoever OK’d this movie for production should be blacklisted and put in jail for crimes against humanity. I could make a better movie than this and i could probably act better than anyone in this movie. I can’t believe someone really watched this and said “yeah we should def. release this, it will help us all get more jobs in the future”. please, for the good of the movie industry… DO NOT. i repeat.. DO NOTTTTTT waste your moneyThe day starts out with good news and bad news for Joe (Vladimir Zaric) on an outing with friends. The bad news is that Joe is AWOL. The good news is that due to the zombie apocalypse, no one is going to notice. Low on gas, our vehicle pulls up to a farm house…like that has never been done in a zombie film before. Writer/director Jason Mills apparently loves old school foot dragging zombies and used them when he could, however the film couldn’t be done unless he had some runners. The rule is you must choose one or the other unless you can explain why. Nor did we find out why a rural farmhouse off the beaten path had so many pedestrian zombies running about. In the original, it was a nearby graveyard, in this one it was? People leaving the city? Did they walk or were they all in the vehicle by the road and got out like a clown car? The scenes employed the jerk cam for horror effects with had appeared to be a dubbed “arg-arg” zombie noise, sometimes sounding like a comic Martian “ark-ark.” Being AWOL, Joe suffers from “Branded” syndrome and needs to prove he is not a coward in every episode. Unfortunately the characters were boring, minimal zombie make-up, and badly written dialogue makes the film a pass except for those for feel they must see every zombie film ever made.

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