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22 Years 22 Years ( 2015)


Director: Fred Thomas Jr

Stars : N/A

Genre : Drama

IMDB Rating: 4.2

Release: 2015

22 Years :- Watch 22 Years on, 22 Years- A short film about a woman named Avi, who we pick up in the beginning but in the midst of a crossroads in her life. She unexpectedly receives an email and phone call from her estranged father, 22 years later. Avi now a woman, working a dead end job, while pursuing her dreams, is struggling to find it within herself to forget and forgive her father for basically abandoning her as a young girl. Avi has the life she wants, she has good people to work around, friends that adore her, family without blood, but you can feel the struggle that she misses her father, then we see the glimpse into the past that brings it all to the forefront, her father was an alcoholic. I think we can all relate to this story from having parents split apart, someone in the family struggling from alcohol addiction and so forth. So, she decides to open her heart and give her father the chance, and the question, of why? Why did you not come see me when I graduated, why not be there when it was prom, where were you when mom died. Very good story from beginning to end with excellent editing and acting, it gives you exactly what you want in a short film, a clear concise subject and the actors relating to the situation. Dawns performance was great, I believed for this short minute that she was a struggling waitress looking for her place in the world, accompanied by Roberto Sanchez playing Avi’s father, and Stephanie Arcila, beautiful young actress that I hope to see in future productions, overall a great short film tackling the question for many, would you forgive?

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