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12th Man (2017)


Director : Harald Zwart

Stars : Thomas Gullestad, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Marie Blokhus

IMDB Rating : 5.8

Genre : Drama | History | Thriller

Release Date : 04 May 2018

.12th Man :- Watch . . 12th Man on, Yes, the cinematography of this film is pretty good, the coldness, the ice, the snowy mountain and hills, the forlorn sea, the fjords…looked pretty cool. But what’s the purpose of making a movie with a lost cause? The mission was a failure, a complete bust, eleven team members were caught by the Nazis, one guy miraculously escaped. So the whole film in front of our eyes just showed a guy with a crippled feet, trudging in the snow, swam in the icy strait, seeking refugee and sanction from his fellow country citizens, again and again sneaked away under the vicious and relentless chase and search of the Nazis. But after awhile, the movie just felt lost it steam just like the 12th man losing his body heat, a repeated scene after scene of this hide and seek, cat and mouse formula. And gradually, it seemed to become a one directional development, we, the viewers, knew that guy was the only survivor of a failed mission, we knew he’d have successfully escaped from the Nazis. In order to show us how tough and how difficult this 12th man was facing during his escape saga, the camera just kept showing us his damaged almost frost-bit feet with lost toes, again and again, we have to look at his feet and toes when he had to take off the wet bloody soaked sock. There’s not too much and too many things to tell except the tortures of his fellow team members by the Nazis. After awhile, it became so tiresome to watch. I just gave up in the middle.

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