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12 Days of Giving12 Days of Giving (2017)


Director: Christine Conradt

Stars : David Blue, Jax Connolly, Ashley Jones

Genre : Drama

IMDB Rating: 6.7

Release: 03 Dec 2017 (Usa)

12 Days of Giving :- Watch 12 Days of Giving on, This is a pretty good TV movie. Baxter wins $50,000 and decides to do some good with it during the holiday season. He remains anonymous because he’s a nice guy and just wants to see people happy. Along the way he meets a few different people, specifically a single mom and her son. Everyone isn’t thrilled about Baxter’s giving though and conflict arises. The male lead’s acting was solid. Kinda reminds me of Sam Jaeger. Everyone else was okay, but he and the movie plot were good enough to make me want to stick it out. There was some realistic conflict in the movie which I liked. I’d recommend itBaxter Billings is a photographer who has recently become engaged and he wins $50,000. Instead of using that money for his wedding and squirrelling it away as a nest egg for the future. Baxter decides to act as a secret Santa and give the money away to those that are unfortunate or do not have enough money.This includes people who cannot afford to buy presents from the department store so Baxter pays over $4000 so various families can have Christmas presents.His generosity in his small town leads to other people acting kindly to strangers. Christmas shopping is less of a scrum and maybe people have discovered the true meaning generosity, giving and the festive season.Baxter’s fiancée is not too pleased when she finds about Baxter’s spending spree. Do not worry she is presented as shallow and not so nice from the word go. Baxter does come across a nice widow and her young son and Baxter falls for herI watched this with my son who found it rather cheesy and creepy. What was the deal of Baxter taking pictures through the window of the widow and her son in their house?This is really a simple story with a simple message, barely sketched out characters, I got bored by the end. I suspect so did the director who quickly tagged on a hard to buy romantic ending.
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