Untouchable (2019)

UntouchableUntouchable (2019)


Director : Ursula Macfarlane

Stars : Rosanna Arquette, A.J. Benza, Mike Bodie

IMDB Rating : 3.9

Genre : Documentary

Release Date : 2 sep 2019

Untouchable :- Watch Untouchable on putlockerwatch.com, This movie tells the story of how Weinstein became the beast he is. And how much pain and grief Harvey brought to women in parallel with how he made an amazing career in Hollywood. The film will show you how he did not accept “no,” as the answer, both in work and communication. And what a huge lump of influence and power he was. Be attentive, if you have ever experienced sexual assault, this movie may trigger those memories. Great movie to understand the power of man, cherish the great time of the power of female voices nowadays and see that Weinstein is one of numerous man who uses women and sexually assaults them. And that we still need to work towards the better safe future

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