the witcher Season 1 Episode 3

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the witcher Season 1 Episode 3 ‘Betrayer Moon ‘


Director: Alex Garcia Lopez

Stars : Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan

Genre: Adventure | Drama | Fantasy

IMDB Rating: 8.7

Release: 20 dec 2019 (Usa)

the witcher Season 1 Episode 3 :– Watch the witcher Season 1 Episode 3 on best episode yet, every storyline worked well and I really like how they try and do good at focusing on one theme, but at the same time using diffrent timelines and characters, so you can grasp just how rich and big the world of The Witcher is.
Note to every book reader – it is an ADAPTATION. You can see that the writers love the source material and just drop a lot of lines, pieces of information that came much, much later in the saga. Writers did their homework, that’s for sure.
So all the changes worked out great and it was a good adapted shorty story, with other characters background’s sprinkled on top, especially Yennefer’s. My vote is 10, would be 9 if not for the neck-biting part, glad they kept it.


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