Watch The Perfect Day (2017) Movie Online Free

The Perfect Day (2017)


Director : Jenni Ivers

Stars : Jason Redman, Tim Brown, Kera O’Bryon

IMDB Rating : 5.0

Genre : Drama | Action

Release Date : 3 jan 2018

The Perfect Day :- Watch The Perfect Day on, II thought this was a joke until, I actually took time out of my day to try and watch this. Fast forwarding through almost to the end. The opening, WEIRD. The message WEIRD. The acting AWFUL, just awful. Except the terriost, he was great. Weak storyline, poorly written, poorly edited, lacks direction, no character development and just misses all together. I get it everyone’s reaching for that star, this falls immensely short. What’s the deal with your real wife in the background of the scene with I guess was suppose to be your old girlfriend? Who wrote that in? Jay stick to chasing down guys in your yard with your machine gun, acting ain’t your thing brotha. Dean Cain WTF bro – from the AWARD WINNING FILM MAKER OF UNTIL IT HURTS. Love you!!! Truth

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