The Outpost Season 1 Episode 1

The OutpostThe Outpost Season 1 Episode 1 ‘One Is the Loneliest Number ‘


Director: John Lyde

Stars : Jessica Green, Jake Stormoen, Imogen Waterhouse

Genre: Action | Fantasy

IMDB Rating: 6.3

Release: 10 July 2018 (Usa)

The Outpost Season 1 Episode 1 :- Watch The Outpost Season 8 Episode 2 on, the last of the Blackblood race seeks revenge, confronting one of the men who slaughtered her people.I was skeptical about this new show. I wasn’t sure I would like it, even though I love the sci-fi fantasy world. I am a huge fan of Dean Devlin and follow him on social media & he was asking for his Lits (fans of the show The Librarians) to watch it & check it out. I set my DVR & the weekend after it aired I finally decided to watch The Outpost. I for one went in with a completely open mind, knowing this was supposed to be a brand new show, that was different than what was on CW currently. The show started and I loved the look & feel of the show. It reminded me of the old fantasy movies & shows I grew up with & loved! So I focused on the story line, and it was a good one. I like a strong female lead character. There were some troublesome spots, yes, but that is not uncommon for a pilot episode. There was a slight stiffness about Talon and Gwynn. The music & lighting seemed off just a bit in a spot or two. That being said.. the good made up for the pilot issues… the character Janzo with the quirkiness mixed with a shy ackwardness that was charming. I liked the charming Garret when he met Talon, but it was the interaction between Garret & Wythers that really set the hook. There was so much in that short conversation. The dynamics between the two actors it was excellent. The emotion was evident in the Captains face. That was acting at its purest. I have to say I was hooked to see what Ep2 brought. I felt like it would be much better because there is always an improvement from the pilot. I was right… watch it with an open mind. See the classic feel to it the way it was meant to be and enjoy a good story of fantasy!

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