The Originals season 5 Episode 8

The OriginalsDate: Wednesday, June 13
Start Time: 9:00 pm EST
Episode: Season 5, Episode 8, “The Kindness of Strangers”
Network: The CW
Streams: Stream 1 | Stream 2


Their acting was on point and finally I feel like the story line went on… And this episode got me multiple times in tears. Nothing further to say. Just GREAT!As pressing matters rage on in New Orleans, the Mikaelson siblings find themselves forced to set aside their differenceA young widow raising two boys, Sarah Laden is struggling to keep her family together. But when a shocking revelation rips apart the family of her closest friend, Sarah finds herself welcoming yet another troubled young boy into her already tumultuous life.Jordan, a quiet, reclusive elementary school classmate of Sarah’s son Danny, has survived a terrible ordeal. By agreeing to become Jordan’s foster mother, Sarah will be forced to question the things she has long believed. And as the delicate threads that bind their family begin to unravel, all the Ladens will have to face difficult truths about themselves and one another—and discover the power of love necessary to forgive and to heal.s and work together to escape a “chambre de chasse.”

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