The Drone (2019)

The DroneThe Drone (2019)


Director :Jordan Rubin

Stars : Sam Adegoke, Edgar Blackmon, Anita Briem

IMDB Rating : 5.9

Genre : COMEDY | Horror

Release Date : 28 jan 2019

The Drone :- Watch The Drone on putlockerwatch.comIt’s a similar concept to that of Child’s Play, except for some reason it feels completely absurd to suggest a drone could be possessed by an evil spirit and not a doll, which is arguably the wrong way round.So, it’s the old tale of bad guy gets killed and his spirit enters a drone. The drone is then found by an unsupecting couple and becomes part of their family and proceeds to mess up their lives bit by bit.It’s packed with cheesy lines and unbelievably silly moments but is in fact quite fun and also funny. It’s probably more of a straight comedy than a horror or thriller so don’t expect a dark movie with black humour – it’s very light entertainment, with a few bloody moments but nothing too surprising.

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