The Axiom (2018)

 The AxiomThe Axiom (2018)


Director : Nicholas Woods

Stars : Hattie Smith, Zac Titus, Nicole Dambro

IMDB Rating : 8.0

Genre : Horror

Release Date : 7 dec 2018

The Axiom :– Watch The Axiom on, At the risk of her group’s safety, a young woman travels into a National Forest where her sister has become trapped in a multi-dimensional world of monsters.Starting fast is a total understatement for this film which is a good thing because 3 seconds after clicking the play button you see a woman in a forest crying and pleading to an out of focused man to not make her go in there. This 2 min. Scene was crucial because what unravels creates good interest for a indie horror film that immediately falls right back into the normal boring realm of most indie horror films that start with 5 friends in a car driving somewhere unknown talking and jabbering about basically nothing. But after the 10 mins of jibber jabber it moves at a good pace and a unique storyline unveils. The acting isn’t the worst but definitely not great the main actress and Leon the restaurant bar owner do OK but the over exposure of scenes that are too bright for the camera lens are dead giveaways of a poor budget. With that being said I do believe they utilized the budget very strategically for efx and make-up but there were still too many scenes with cinematic mishaps like differences in blood coloring sometimes it looked bright red and other times it appeared to be black. Most indie fans may be able to look past that and if you do this film provides a good twist about midway through. The jump scares from hallucinations, demonic possession and creepy monsters add a surprise element that’s better than the average low budget flick and “The Axiom” should get kudos for pulling this off. Not a must watch but a pretty good one.

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