Tel Aviv on Fire (2018)

Tel Aviv on Fire Tel Aviv on Fire (2018)


Director : Sameh Zoabi

Stars : Kais Nashif, Lubna Azabal, Yaniv Biton

IMDB Rating : 8.0

Genre : Drama | Comedy | Romance

Release Date : 03 April 2019

Tel Aviv on Fire :- Watch Tel Aviv on Fire on Making a film about the conflict between Israelis and the Palestinians (or, shortly, ‘the conflict’ as the locals call it) is probably almost as complicated as the peace talks between the two sides. Yet, scriptwriter and director Sameh Zoabi chose not only to write and direct such a film, but also chose as topic the making nowadays of such a film titled ‘Tel Aviv on Fire’. The genre? A soap opera – one of the most popular forms of cinema and television entertainment in the Middle East, with peak viewing rates among both the Jewish and the Arab sectors. The historical moment when the action takes place? The 1967 war, one of the key moments of the “conflict,” a crushing Israeli victory and Arab defeat, perceived in polarized opposite ways by the two sides. An Arab television studio in Ramallah is making a soap opera that tries to rewrite history, as many movies from big houses do, in this case the 1967 war history. A brilliant cinematic idea – a soap opera in a soap opera.The main hero (performed by the excellent actor Kais Nashif) is an aspiring film maker who works as a Hebrew language consultant for the soap opera, and who finds himself blessed with the opportunity to become the script writer of the series, having to reconcile all the parties that seem impossible to coexist in this part of the world: the Arab sponsors wishing that the film has a more patriotic message, the Israeli officer commanding the crossing point between Jerusalem and territories who wants to embellish the image of the Israeli officer in the story, the producer who wants to make a successful film, and his girlfriend who doubts his feelings. They all follow the successive episodes of the series and the way the action progresses, but can there be any outcome that is acceptable to all? Or is such an outcome just as impossible as a solution for peace in the Middle East?

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